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Q: How long does a Gladder's product keep outside of refrigeration?

A: Our products are delivered in a frozen state. It is recommended that once distribution has started, that the product be returned to refrigeration as quickly as possible, or within four (4) hours of removal from the freezer.

Q: Are the egg products used in your cookies safe?

A: The egg products used in all Gladder's Gourmet products are pasteurized egg products, and have been microbiologically tested and certified prior to shipment. The low moisture and high sugar content of cookie products makes them a stable and safe food product if handled within "safe food handling practices." As with any food product, mishandling or handling in an unsanitary environment can cause food borne illness.

Q: How long will the product last inside the refrigerator?

A: Gladder's Gourmet products will last up to thirteen (13) weeks in the refrigerator, as long as they remain in their original package. As long as the product is handled in a sanitary environment, and sealed tightly in an approved, food storage container, a maximum shelf life of 13 weeks can be obtained.

Q: I'm a Private Label vendor. What products are available to me?

A: Gladder's Gourmet Private Label products are available in any of our exciting flavors, or our R & D department can make your custom recipe to your specifications. We can create most any flavor you request in Classic, Elegance, or All Natural products. To see all our current flavors, please click here.

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