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Foodservice FAQs   

Please contact us with any questions you may have that are not answered here. We look forward to assisting you.


Q: Are your products 0g Trans Fats?

A: Yes, all of Gladder's Gourmet margarine products are 0g trans fat per serving. We also offer All Butter, Sugar Free, and Gluten Free, recipes. If you have any questions.... please feel free to give us a call at (512) 398-4523.

Q: Do you manufacture Gluten Free products?

A: Yes. Gladder's Gourmet has developed two flavors of gluten free products, with more to come soon!

Q: Do you manufacture Sugar Free/No added sugar products?

A: Yes. Gladder's Gourmet currently offers four sugar free, and one, no added sugar products to our lineup.

Q: How long can I keep a Gladder's Gourmet products outside of refrigeration?

A: Please follow these safe food handling practices to ensure your product is safe:

Never store any food product above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove only the portions you intend to bake from the refrigerator or freezer, and bake promptly after thawing, if necessary to thaw.

Please be certain that you place all unused product in an airtight, food-grade container, or refold the inner bag closely and tightly against the product, and keep refrigerated.

Good Personal hygiene, frequent hand washing, and good housekeeping and sanitation practices are always encouraged  when handling any food product.

Q: Are the egg products used in your cookies safe?

A: The egg products used in all Gladder's Gourmet products are pasteurized egg products, and have been microbiologically tested and certified prior to shipment. The low moisture and high sugar content of cookie products makes them a stable and safe food product if handled within "safe food handling practices". As with any food product, mishandling or handling in an unsanitary environment can cause food borne illness.

Q: How long will a Gladder's Gourmet products last inside the refrigerator?

A: Gladder's Gourmet products will last up to thirteen (13) weeks in the refrigerator, as long as they remain in their original package, and are handled with good food handling practices. Provided the product is handled in a sanitary environment, and sealed tightly in an approved, food storage container, you should obtain a shelf life of 13 weeks maximum. It is rare that the box of cookies will last that long!

Q: Are your products Kosher?

A: Yes, all products at Gladder's Gourmet are certified Kosher Pareve, or Kosher Dairy by Organized Kashrus Laboratories, NY, NY.

Q: We would prefer to deal with a Texas based company. Where is Gladder's Gourmet Cookies located?

A: Gladder's Gourmet Cookies is located 35 miles southeast of Austin, Texas, in the small community of Lockhart. Gladder's Gourmet has been located there since 1994.

Q: Does Gladder's Gourmet have quality assurance programs that control allergens, and cross contamination?

A: Yes, Gladder's Gourmet Quality Assurance program addresses allergens, and allergen exposure to our products. Our program includes documented cleanup procedures, sanitation procedures, and residual protein tests prior to production of our products. This occurs on a daily basis, prior to production of any product. Gladder's Gourmet does not manufacture non-allergen products and allergen products at the same time, or before assuring that proper cleaning and sanitation has occurred prior to production.
Gladder's Gourmet Quality Plan is reviewed by 3rd party auditors and certified to the standard of the American Institute of Baking.
Gladder's Gourmet Quality Plan requires quarterly, 3rd party microbiological analysis of our entire facility, and also conducts internal audits on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Q: Do you offer tours of your facility?

A: Unfortunately....No. Because of stringent guidelines established by third party food safety/quality assurance auditors, Gladder's Gourmet has discontinued general public tours of our working facility. This is due to our commitment to provide the best quality products possible for our customers, and to assure a safe, sanitary, and contaminant free environment in which to manufacture our delicious treats!

Q: Does Gladder's Gourmet manufacture proprietary/private label recipes?

A: Yes. Gladder's Gourmet has vast experience in manufacturing cookies, and developing flavor profiles. Though research and development can be a lengthy process, we can generally accommodate most all requests for proprietary recipes, provided that the recipe can be processed with our equipment. Certain recipes require equipment outside the scope of our manufacturing ability.

Q: My child has nut allergies. Can he eat your product?

A: No. All products manufactured at Gladder's Gourmet carry the Allergen Statement: "This product is manufactured with equipment that also makes products containing peanuts, tree nuts, wheat flour, milk, and soy protein.

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